Summer School: Baroque Splendor

Summer School 2019

Summer School: Baroque Splendor

The Art and Architecture of Re-Catholicization in Bohemia and Franconia

Termin: 2 . – 7. September 2019

Costs: All travel and accommodation costs are covered by the program. Students must only pay for meals and entrance tickets. This summer school offers an exploration of the painting, sculpture, and architecture of Re-Catholicization in Bohemia and Franconia with travel to key artistic monuments in both regions.

Bohemian sites:
Kloster Plasy (Plass)
Wallfahrtskirche Mariánská Týnice (Maria Teinitz)
Kloster Kladruby (Kladrau)
Kirche St. Clara, Cheb

Bavarian/Franconian sites:
Waldsassen Monastery, Oberpfalz
Wallfahrtskirche Vierzehnheiligen
Kloster Banz
Neue Residenz, Bamberg
Schloss Weissenstein, Pommersfelden
Baroque architecture in Erlangen

The artists included in this itinerary are some of the most prominent figures in the Central European Baroque and early Rococo: the architects Johann Blasius Santini-Aichel, Balthasar Neumann, and Kilian Ignaz, Leonhard, and Johann Dientzenhofer; the painters Johann Jacob Stevens von Steinfels, Johann Christoph Lischka, Jacob Anton Pink, Franz Anton Müller, Melchior Steidl, Johann Rudolf Byss, Johann Michael Rottmayer, Giuseppe Appiani, Cosmas Damian Asam, Franz Julius Lux; and the sculptors Mathias Bernhard Braun, and Egid Quirin Asam.

Because this program is a collaboration between the Institute of Art History in Prague and the Institute of Art History in Erlangen, the main program language is English. Perfect English is naturally not expected, and information can be provided in German and Czech when necessary. Advanced Bachelor students and MA students are invited to apply through StudOn.

Anmeldung bis 27.7.2019
ECTS: 5 | Available places: 10