Verschoben: Workshop „Interpreting Italians Abroad“

Workshop Interpreting Italians Abroad
Schloss von Westen Guestrow

Interpreting Italians Abroad:
The Migration of Ticinese Architects across Europe in the Early Modern Era

24.-25. April 2020

Institute of Art History, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Schlossgarten 1 – Orangerie
91045 Erlangen, Germany

Der Workshop wird wegen der fortschreitenden Verbreitung des Corona-Virus verschoben. Der Ausweichtermin wird zeitnah bekanntgegeben.

The workshop will be postponed due to the spread of the coronavirus. The new date will be determined at a later time.

Il workshop è rimandato a causa della progressiva diffusione del coronavirus. La data alternativa sarà annunciata a tempo debito.

From at least the thirteenth to the nineteenth centuries architects (including painter and sculptor-architects) from Ticino and northern Lombardy migrated and worked in great numbers across Europe. Their movements extended from the Iberian Peninsula to Russia, and they were also active throughout Italy itself. These architects moved in extended family networks, often bringing whole teams of masons and other artists on their journeys abroad, and many returned to their home valleys each winter. Despite the prevalence of these migrations throughout Europe and the high number of artists and architects involved, there has not yet been a comprehensive study of their movements, their effect on the regions in which they worked, or the influence of these different environments on the Ticinese themselves. The absence of such a study is particularly acute for the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries as it has long been assumed that the Ticinese and Lombards were key agents in the development of Renaissance architecture in other regions of Europe.

This workshop addresses the totality of the phenomena of Ticinese artistic migration across Europe in light of recent developments in migration studies, network studies, center-and- periphery studies, and studies of cultural and stylistic transfer.


Friday 24.4.2020

12:30 Registration

13:00 Welcome
Sarah W. Lynch, Institute for Art History, Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen- Nuremberg

13:15 “Working Conditions for ‘welsch’ Architects in the Early Modern Holy Roman Empire”
Anna-Victoria Bognár, Justus Liebig University, Giessen

13:45 “Paesani di formato europeo. Le reti familiari e le preferenze geografiche migratory delle maestranze ticinesi sull’esempio della famiglia Luchese di Melide”
Jana Zapletalová, Department of Art History, Palacký University, Olomouc

14:15 “Two Broccos in the Service of the Habsburgs: New Men and New Forms of Art” Sylva Dobalová, Institute of Art History, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

14:45 Coffee Break

15:15 “An Architect’s Collaboration with a Sculptor in the Early Modern Period (Andrea Spezza from Arogno and Adriaen de Vries)”
Ivan P. Muchka, Institute of Art History, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

15:45 “The Origins of Baroque Architecture in Bohemia”
Petr Uličný, Institute for Art History, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

16:15 Coffee Break

16:45 Keynote: “Magistri ‘ticinesi’ in Europa: studi e prospettive” Stefania Bianchi, Director, Archivio storico comunale, Mendrisio

19:00 Dinner

Saturday 25.4.2020

9:00 “Past Present: Remarks on the Organization and Style of the Piasts’ Castle in Brzeg” Mateusz Grzęda, Institute of Art History, Jagiellonian University, Krakow

9:30 “‘le ordini di ricercar gli operari che desiderava.’ The Case of the Paracco and the Platter: Migrating Art and Architecture in the Service of the Sacred between Italy and the Baltic, 17th-19th Centuries”
Ruth Noyes, National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen

10:00 “The Dynamics of Migrant Craftsmanship in 18th Century Britain”
Christine Casey, Department of History of Art and Architecture, Trinity College, Dublin

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 “Le strategie degli architetti ticinesi in Europa attraverso l’esempio della famiglia Fontana”
Giuseppe Bonaccorso, Sucola di Ateneo di Architettura e Design “E. Vittoria” dell’Università degli studi di Camerino

11:30 “Transiti temporanei e trasferimenti definitivi: la plurisecolare presenza delle maestranze ticinesi a Genova”
Roberto Santamaria, Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo, Archivio di Stato di Genova, Genoa

12:00 “Ticinese Stucco Masters in Eighteenth Century Portugal”
Isabel Mayer Godinho Mendonça, Escola Superior de Artes Decorativas, Lisbon

12:30 Closing Remarks
Sarah W. Lynch, Institute for Art History, Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen- Nuremberg

13:00 Workshop concludes